Do you want to make your online facilitation even more effective?

In this practical and memorable class we set sail for a journey in the seas of online facilitation. 16 hours spread in 2 weeks.

Discover the 7 types of meeting goals and the Diamond of Participatory Decision Making to shape the purpose and outcome of your online sessions.

Leave with dozens of facilitation techniques, tools, activities and resources to make your online sessions engaging and effective.

After your active participation in this class you will be able to:

  1. Explain the 3 roles of the facilitator and its 4 functions.
  2. Recognize when to use the Diamond of Participatory decision making in your online session designs and while facilitating your sessions.
  3. Design an engaging online session and recognize the 7 types of meeting goals to help define the session purpose and outcome.
  4. Use facilitative listening techniques to fulfill the facilitator functions and spot signs of low energy or low participation in an online session. Switch to other techniques to keep your audience engaged or bring the energy back up.
  5. Recognize the 3 types of online facilitation interactive tools and become familiar with their tradeoffs.
  6. Be able to continue your facilitation journey independently.

Who's this Praxis Camp for?

  • Anybody working online struggling to bring face to face conversations and sessions online
  • A scrum master who understands agile but struggles to see conducive team conversations
  • A project manager used to in-room conversations and would like to gain more confidence in the online realm
  • A product owner who would like to hold sessions where inclusive solutions are found
  • A facilitator who wants to experiment with new facilitation approaches and ask context-specific questions
  • A tech lead who would like to hold sessions where inclusive solutions are found and the team shares responsibility for it.