Facilitating Agile Retrospectives

How effective are your Agile Retrospectives today?

Would you like to make them even more effective?

I can help design, facilitate or co-faciltiate. I follow a structure that allows the whole group to participate, bring in data, reflect and foster divergent thinking and come to a conclusion on what to do next.

Purpose of an Agile Retrospective

  • to share information--not just data--in a psycologically safe environment (it's not a blaming session)
  • to dedicate time and reflect--fostering divergent thinking--on what happened then adjust to work more effectively

Outcome of an Agile Retrospective

  • Insights on what happened
  • Actionable experiments
  • Renewed energy to go in to the next iteration

You don't have to be using any Agile framework to benefit from the learnings of an Agile Retrospective!