Why are we building this? And for whom?

As a product manager I like ask straight questions.

What's the purpose of your product?

Incremental or radical innovation?

User centered design is a hill climbing method that can help iterate product development.

I can conduct EXPLORatory research to get to an hypotesis. EXPLANatory research to get a clear idea of a problem and ideas for potential solutions. Evaluative research to helps determining if we were getting closer.

Wanna move to a larger hill with larger potential? You need radical innovation.

Our roadmap is clear but our backlog is not

Is your backlog messy? I've been in the software development industry since 2001.

I can pair with your team to shift patterns and bring new joy to your backlog.


I can pair with one of your new product managers so they can learn by doing or tailor a workshop based on your context and needs. My workshops lean heavily on praxis a mix of theory and practice.