Facilitating Software Project Kickoff

Let's help business and developers create something amazing together!

Purpose of a kickoff

  • Create a plan for your software project
  • Ensure commitment to implementing the plan

Outcome of a kickoff

  • A group understanding of what in this project is clear, complicated, complex and chaotic
  • A visible list of risks, blockers, dependencies, missing resources
  • Next steps of who's gonna do what

Let's set us up for the best possible outcome!

Based on many awful kickoffs--and many awesome ones--I was part of I want to set us up for the best possible outcome. My routine before the project kickoff is pretty structured:

  1. I will collect expectations from key participants
  2. I will craft an invitation that is clear and meningful to all
  3. I will design a supple agenda and activities to get us from A to B.

Session structure is not a guarantee for perfection. Its design is supple so it can withstand some uncertainty emerging on the day.

Why choose me?

Since 2001 I worked around the globe in the IT world, but that is just a number. I've gone trough a journey from developer to product manager to facilitator so now:

  • I have empathy for software developers
  • I have empathy for the business side
  • and with my facilitation skills I can help the group get past what seems like a trecherous journey.

Yes it works online

I worked remotely on and off since 2007. I am pretty skilled with all the latest online tools.

  • I will assess are adeguate for your group context (skillset, bandwith, timezones)
  • I have a state of the art office with: large monitor, backup internet and power so I can provide some redundancy.